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3 minutes with Alessia Levonique Candra

What have you been up to since your last show with us at SPRMRKT on 2 McCallum Street? 

A:  I have been painting but sometimes life gets in the way, so it has been rather an uphill battle to produce more works.

How have you developed as an artist? 

A: I believe i still have a long journey to go, it is a life journey to be an artist, so i am still learning everyday.

That title of your work “Red Gems” has an interesting connotation to jewellery but are actually imagery of strawberries and pomegranate. What is Red Gems about? 

A:  I draw the parallel between red gems with the colour of gem stones, they are intense red, just like ruby. In a way, fruits are like the jewels of nature. Shiny, intense, covetable and desirable.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

A:  I always look for my inspiration in nature. I love the simplicity and the beauty that nature has to offer. For those who can appreciate it, they will find the beauty and for those who don’t, they will think it’s just banal and mundane, much like still life.

Who are some of your favourite contemporary artists?

A: Some of my favourite contemporary artists are Luciano VentroneAlexia SinclairEdward BurtynskyAlyssa MonkZhang JingnaZheng LuLi HongboChristiano Pintaldi and Sam Jinks.

Any other projects in the pipeline? 

A:  No big projects for the moment but we never know what life has in store for us. So, i will just keep painting and open my eyes for more opportunities.

Alessia Levonique Candra’s exhibition at Here/Now in SPRMRKT Daily, goes on from now till 26 Sep. 

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