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3 minutes with Jovian Lim


Here/Now: Flowing

You’ve never exhibited outside the confines of an art gallery before. Why are you exhibiting at Here/Now?

I was intrigued by the sense of clear purpose and space demarcated by SPRMRKT Daily to allow its hung work to engage with its audience.

Who/what inspires you? Does Singapore as a city and country inspire you? 

I am a creationist at heart, so natural occurring events and phenomena in our environment is my main inspiration. People say Singapore is sterile and the lack of creative freedom inhibiting. However I completely disagree as a citizen. I find enjoying the stability, peace and comforts frees me up to think beyond my basic survival needs to create and reflect the divine.

There’s an authentic meditative-like quality in your work which you’ve aptly titled, Flowing. What was going through your mind while you were creating this piece? 

I was experiencing the serene and a soft morning sun slowly rising over me. Large bodies of water are great sustainers of thought and emotion.

When I work I sometimes plug in music to get me in a certain mood. But I felt silence in the morning when I photographed the work.

How do you keep calm as an artist and professional photographer in this creative landscape? 

Daily exercise like running and eating clean. Balancing Healthy Intake and Good Output.

Life Giving stuff.

Endorphins are good friends.

The Singapore River is quite a postcard image of Singapore but had you not told us, we would have guessed it was some place else! How was Flowing created? Why did you choose these 2 points along the Singapore River? 

I chose these two points because it was where the Singapore river ends and meets the Singapore Strait. I was at the Marina Barrage where photographed both ends. The Calm Reservoir and The Start Of The Deepwaters.

Are you happy with what you have created?


I have made plans to hang it in my study room.

What does perfection mean to you? 

I am so far from it, I can’t see it in my life yet.

A small tangible semblance of it is best presented to me through well cooked dishes.

Like the adding of condiments in asian food. The heat and acidity from chillis/lime/sauces/salts to elevate and cut through. Perfection!

What do you hope to achieve with this piece of work? 

I hope to encourage the viewer and myself to live life with less regrets. Bad decisions were already made. The time for drastic change or recommitment to one’s way of living is now.

What projects are you working on now? Where will you be exhibiting next? 

My next upcoming project is really exciting. It would the first time I am collaborating with a bartender and a musician. It will be a set of new photographs inspired by a local space. *Will share more when I am allowed to:)

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Check out Jovian’s portfolio online now or view his work on artsy! 

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