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A Labour Day Special: Laborious Lamb

In view of Labour Day next week, we decided to ask our chefs about the most laborious dish served at SPRMRKT and it seems we have a clear winner! Turns out the process of making Slow Braised Lamb Shank is truly a long and arduous process.

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According to Head Chef CK at SPRMRKT Daily, it is the first dish he starts on everyday at 7AM when he steps into the kitchen, simply because it is so time-consuming! Each batch of 10 lamb shanks takes almost 3 hours to cook and this already excludes the vegetables he has washed and chopped beforehand.

He starts by marinating the meat with his housemade meat seasoning and rubbing it in mustard.

Next, the lamb goes into a frying pan for a sear. Even with the big fire used in the kitchen, this takes about 15 minutes to achieve that appetizing charred exterior. Frying as opposed to leaving it in the oven to roast also helps to make the meat more fragrant.

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To make the stock that the meat will be braised in, Chef CK has already prepared the following:

But I can imagine chopping the vegetables alone will take me an extra 20 minutes at least! (10 minutes alone for peeling the skin off the onion)

After the vegetables have browned, he adds a HUGE jug of red wine and veal stock. In order for the sweetness of the wine to come through, it has to be substantially reduced and this reduction often takes up to 15-20 minutes with frequent stirring.

When it is finally ready, the stock is poured over the lamb shanks in a baking tray and popped into the oven for 1 hr 45 mins to braise.

Fast forward 2 hours later, after testing the tenderness of the meat with a skewer, the lamb is finally ready to eat. We lift it out of the tray for good measure and the meat is practically melting off the bones—yes, our hearts say.

Ta-da, the most laborious dish on the menu at SPRMRKT: Slow Braised Lamb Shank, paired with simple saúteed vegetables and cous cous, drizzled over with jus.

If you find yourself at home on a Saturday with no plans for the day, you can spend 4 hours making yourself some lamb, or make a trip to SPRMRKT Daily, eat and be inspired, and still be back home with time to spare.

Happy Labour Day!




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