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Feature Room: Yam Mauricio, Manager at SPRMRKT Daily


Reaching new heights with us, Yam was recently promoted to oversee operations twice the size of the previous outlet.

In light of International Women’s Day, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Yam for being one of our longest serving employees while noting her struggles and achievements to get to where she is, and for embodying what it means to be a talent at SPRMRKT.

1. You’ve worked in many countries including a stint in Kuwait. What was it like being an independent working woman in all of these different cultures?

Being a working woman in a foreign country is both challenging and fulfilling at the same time. It has its own advantages & disadvantages as different cultures have different views and opinions about working women especially when I was working in the Middle East as they are a society with a male dominated structure.

2. Many women from the Philippines work abroad and away from families. How do you view and deal with this struggle?

I grew up in a very Family-Oriented household. It was instilled in me that when I get the chance to do better in life, I must not forget to help my family. Not everyone is given the chance to earn or make a living in our own countries, most of the time better opportunities are given from overseas jobs, so when we get that chance, we take it in hopes that it will make our life better and let us help our families. 

Being away from your loved ones is not easy, no one looks after you when you’re sick, you miss most holidays and celebrations but knowing that we are able to provide for the needs of our families makes the struggle more bearable. 

3. What made you decide to leave and find work abroad? What was it like at the beginning?

Same as I have mentioned earlier, I found better career opportunities overseas. I got better job offers so I decided to leave my family behind in hopes that I will flourish more on a foreign land. At the beginning it was very hard for me because I was not used to being away from my mom for so long. I missed her a lot, even now. I missed her cooking, our long chats & banters, I even missed her nagging at me about how messy I was or how lazy I was, but I had to deal with the loneliness and the homesickness because I wanted to achieve something not just for myself but for her. She grew up poor and didn’t get the chance to enjoy the finer things in life. I wanted to be able to buy her anything she wanted. I wanted to bring her to places she’ never been to, but most of all I wanted to be a daughter she can be proud of, and with that I pushed forward. I made it my motivation to do better so she can be proud of me. 

4. Have you ever faced any difficulty/ animosity from anyone for being a capable, working woman?

 I wouldn’t say I faced animosity, but I think it is more of a struggle trying to prove to others (both men and women) that I am a capable and competent just like anyone else. 

5. Is there a women’s cause that you feel strongly for? Why?

GABRIELA—they are an organization that advocates issues on women like violence, rape culture, sex trafficking etc. They are actively spread awareness campaigns to prevent violence against women and trafficking of women and girls from the Philippines.  

6. What motivates you everyday?

The ability to be able to pass to my younger colleagues the skills and knowledge that I have gained through my experiences. I am in the position where I get the chance to train people and at the same time learn from it as well, and that in itself is really challenging and rewarding at the same time.

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