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Woman Of The Hour: Queenie Rosita Law, Artist & Entrepreneur

Queenie Rosita Law-B&W

Born in Hong Kong, and a graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design specialising in experimental image making, Queenie Rosita Law’s interest in storytelling and capturing ephemeral moments in life is a fundamental aspect of her work as a visual artist and image-maker. Blending photography and paint to highlight an instance or a mood that all-too-easily slips away imbues her work with a deeply felt sentiment to move and inspire. Her works have been exhibited in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Queenie founded her art design studio, Production Q, in 2014. The studio has been at the heart of two major projects: imagery creation and The City Book (which are both continually developing). The projects encompass lifestyle creations for interior and everyday life such as art books and art prints, with the goal to create a collection serving as a daily source of inspiration in people’s lives. The extensive range of products are based on Law’s artistic approaches and are available in leading design and bookstores around the world.

1. Were you met with obstacles in your journey towards becoming an artist?

There are always obstacles in doing anything—not just being an artist, a creative mind or an entrepreneur. There are obstacles everyday and that is what allows you to keep learning.

2. Tell us more about the unique print on photography method used in your art prints.

I get inspired from nature. I will take my film camera when I go on trips (mostly Japan) and capture the beautiful scenery on the film. When I am back in my studio, I will develop the film and if any image catches my eye, I will paint on the black and white photograph image of what I imagined or what I want the viewer to see.

3. What motivates you everyday?


4. If you could say something to your 20 year old self, what would it be?

Just keep doing, don’t self doubt. You are always on the right path. I wish I could have trusted my instincts and been more open with my ideas earlier on in my life and career

5. You are also the founder of art-focused creative agency, Production Q. What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs thinking of starting a company? 

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to be prepared to fight for what you want. Entrepreneurs should ideally band together and to support one another as nobody else understands the uncertainty and frustrations we face day in and day out.

6. In light of International Women’s Day on 8th March, what do you think are some challenges that women in the countries that you’ve lived in face?

We are still not equal.

7. What are you working on now and is there anything exciting coming up for Production Q?

We are working on The City Book – Paris, new prints, more exhibitions internationally and some others that I can’t reveal yet. I never stop.

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