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PAYNK (Sharon Yang Ge)

3 minutes with PAYNK

  What or who is PAYNK? Why PAYNK? PAYNK is an artist name which I have been using since I was a teenager. It is an altered spelling of ‘pink’, my favourite colour. Somehow I just like words with 5 letters and beginning with P. I used to write it in glitter glue all over […]

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Sanyaa Mehrotra at the opening reception at SPRMRKT

3 minutes with Sanyaa Mehrotra

1. What was your first exhibition at SPRMRKT like? A rollercoaster! From being super excited to self-depreciating and nervous and then enthusiastic again, I went through it all. I’m happy with how it turned out to be. Also, really thankful to my classmates who introduced me to SPRMRKT and made it happen. 2. Was there […]

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Artist Yeo Shih Yun

3 Minutes With Yeo Shih Yun

Inkpulse #3 has such a remarkable intensity and boldness to it, with a spontaneous unpremeditated quality. How long does it take you to create a painting like that? Do you have to prepare yourself before a painting or is it random and unplanned? The process of painting is fast but the preparation and experience that […]

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More than 3 Minutes with Shin-Young Park

How did you get started on this series?  In this fast paced and digitalized society where everything is constantly changing, I wanted to document my ordinary life in Singapore in a slow manual manner. Why have you entitled each of them this way?  This is from picture diary series. I title the work according to […]

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3 minutes with Alessia Levonique Candra

What have you been up to since your last show with us at SPRMRKT on 2 McCallum Street?  A:  I have been painting but sometimes life gets in the way, so it has been rather an uphill battle to produce more works. How have you developed as an artist?  A: I believe i still have a […]

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3 minutes with Jovian Lim

You’ve never exhibited outside the confines of an art gallery before. Why are you exhibiting at Here/Now? I was intrigued by the sense of clear purpose and space demarcated by SPRMRKT Daily to allow its hung work to engage with its audience. Who/what inspires you? Does Singapore as a city and country inspire you?  I […]

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3 minutes with Deborah McKellar

Growing up, were you always interested in art? Yes, as a child I always wanted to ‘make things’ in my free time. My childhood fabric painting projects developed into oil painting by the time I reached high school. What were some of the earliest influences and motivations, which inspired you to become an artist? My […]

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3 minutes with Danielle Tay

The third piece in a series which ruminates on the idea of mental space, local contemporary artist, Danielle Tay’s latest work ventures into the internal mind space that we create for ourselves—one uninhibited by structures and conventions; one that we call our imagination. Formed using a collage of hand-painted cutpaper illustrations, she reminds us of the beauty […]

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HDB Home Of Singapore: The Photo Exhibition Feat. Keyakismos + Tomohisa Miyauchi

HDB: Homes of Singapore is a book project by husband-and-wife duo, Eitaro Ogawa and Tamae Iwasaki of KEYAKISMOS, with architect and senior lecturer at NUS, Tomohisa Miyauchi. Three years in the making, they have carefully documented the interiors of 118 HDB homes in a 700 page, full-colour photo book to celebrate the art and culture […]

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Feature Room: Min Yong, Founder of Beverly’s Blooms

As Mother’s Day rolls around this weekend, we catch up with Min—entrepreneur, wife, mother of two and founder of Singapore-based bespoke flower service, Beverly’s Blooms, to find out simply how she does it all! She will be setting up a fresh bouquet bar this weekend at SPRMRKT Kitchen + Bar to spread the joy with her blooms, […]

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